Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Turkey Soup & Gingerbread Men

Hi, everyone! I assume you've all eaten your way through your Thanksgiving leftovers and are now solidly preoccupied with Christmas cookies and peppermint bark, am I right? I haven't started any holiday baking yet, but I did formally RSVP 'yes' to my friend Jess's annual holiday cookie exchange (remember the fudge?? One of my most popular posts ever, LOL...), and yesterday at Target I picked up candies and sprinkles for the gingerbread-men-making-and-decorating extravaganza I have planned with my daughters.

Over the weekend I made the most delicious soup with the leftover Thanksgiving turkey bones. (My girls made me stop saying "turkey carcass." You're welcome.) I spent all of Saturday afternoon simmering it into homemade stock, then used it as the base for a farm-veggie soup studded with shredded leftover turkey meat. (Probably the same thing most of you had for dinner on Saturday, ha.) SO GOOD. There is something so flavorful and nourishing about meals made from pure and simple food like that--just honest, deeply rich, homemade stock and a slew of organic carrots, celeriac, onions, cabbage, and roasted cherry tomatoes that I'd frozen last August. Yum.

It sort of makes one feel a little more justified in jumping headlong into the Decembery world of candy canes, peppermint M&Ms, and royal icing, doesn't it now? Maybe?

What do you have planned this week, friends? Christmas shopping? Baking? Snowman making? (We don't have snow yet, but it's coming.) Whatever you're doing, be sure and sneak some veggies into your holiday life along with the cookies and eggnog, OK? It'll make you feel better about everything else you may possibly be eating. ;)

Happy December!

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