Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Husband is an Elite Athlete Now.

My husband, 37 miles in. I know: a beardsicle. Gah.

I don't even know where to start with the past week. The kiddos have been so super busy.

They're still in swim lessons on Sundays and tae kwon do on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and this week they started guitar lessons with the talented 11-year-old son of a local friend, which is just sweet and adorable all the way around. There was no school on Monday for a teacher workshop (gah), and then yesterday school started late because of the extreme cold (again), and during all this no-school-ness we also hosted a major dinner-and-movie playdate with friends and went ice skating at the indoor arena. Now the girls have tae kwon do forms AND guitar to practice daily, in addition to their homework, and that level of extracurricular shenanigans is totally new to us, so we're getting used to a different and more demanding schedule.

I also had a meeting with Genevieve's teacher and the school's reading specialist, about challenging her further at school. She learned "borrowing and carrying" two-digit subtraction in one day last week, and then conquered four- and five-digit same at home, and then cried because school is too easy. So....onward and upward.

It's been cold. Soooooo cold. Same as everywhere else in the country, I guess, so at least we're all in it together, right? But seriously, the 30-degrees-below-zero windchills are getting old. The kids can't sled or skate on the pond or build snowmen in that weather, and we're all going a little stir crazy by this time of year, so yeah. I desperately want to move to warmer climes.

Speaking of cold, my insane husband left town before sunrise on Sunday (and is still gone) to compete in a wilderness ultramarathon (135-mile) bike race in the snow and 55-below-zero weather in far-northern MN. Then he finished in 29 hours with no sleep and got 7th place. OMG. Incredible, right? Our whole town (it seemed) was following his progress online and between each other (no cell service up there, but the race's FB page was being updated and whatnot), and he's now a local hero.

As you might imagine, I did not sleep a wink (or so it felt) between the time he left in the rental car on Sunday (I couldn't believe the race wasn't being cancelled given the super-extreme--even for northern MN--weather) and the moment I heard from him yesterday afternoon at the finish line. I was a nervous wreck! He had been biking nonstop (other than brief check-in points) since 7 a.m. on Monday.

Monday night was a long, worried-filled slog, because I hadn't heard a thing from or about him since 3 p.m. and truly had no idea if he was safe, still riding, had dropped out, or what. (Seriously, I was terrified he was going to literally freeze to death overnight. Can you imagine biking 135 miles outside on a snowmobile trail through deep northern-MN wilderness in 50- to 60-degrees below zero windchills without stopping for the night?) Plenty of people drop out of this event every year, but my husband got 7th place, his picture on the front page of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's sports section, and a pending interview with our town's newspaper's sports writer.

While fielding questions, comments, congratulations, and sheer shock from everyone I encountered around town yesterday, I also went to the doctor (no worries) and, in an unrelated incident, got an unexpected interview for a small job at my daughters' school. And tomorrow I go to the dentist for some not-fun dental work. So....this crazy life goes on. I'm ready for this week to be over.

The girls and I have a congratulations cake to bake this morning before school, so I'd better get offline and on with the day.

And yes, I'll say it: Stay warm!

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