Saturday, January 04, 2014

Setting Records

So, we're wrapping up a full 16 days of Christmas break. Yes, SIXTEEN DAYS. Two full weeks of school, with three weekends scattered throughout. By any measure, that's a crazy long winter break. I don't know why it's that long this year. The year's schedule is set every year by the school board, and it's been awhile since the kiddos got two full weeks off (and all those weekend days).

For some reason this year it got long. That sentiment really means something, coming from me, seeing as how I truly miss my children when they're in school and cherish after-school hours, school breaks, and summers with them. But things are always more challenging when the weather is this cold; it makes a HUGE difference in the life of a family with young kids whether or not one can play outside or not. A calm, 20- or 30-degree winter day is lovely and perfect for a nature walk, sledding, or skating; a blustery, zero-degree day with a 20-below-zero windchill is a lot of daylight hours shut inside potentially going stir crazy. Now imagine many of those days strung together. (In other words, summers with the kids are easier.)

So imagine my reaction when, yesterday morning, an announcement came over the radio that MN's governor is closing all public schools in our state on Monday due to temperatures that are forecast to hit nearly 30 below zero on Monday morning (with windchills in the 50-below range). Yes, three days in advance, the weather forecast is so dire that the governor has already declared it too dangerous for anyone to go outside to wait for the school bus (or do anything else).

So, we're now going on 17 days of Christmas break.

Oh, and by the way, Tuesday is supposed to be just as cold. Decisions about Tuesday's school openings vs. closings will be made on Monday.

Eighteen days of Christmas vacation?? Why not!

I'll just be over here drinking my strong coffee and sitting around in my pajamas all day, dreaming of either a.) summer; or b.) getting my family back to a normal routine one of these weeks.


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