Monday, January 13, 2014

Trials, Trip-Ups, & Tweaks--Plus a Fun Family Weekend

 winter fun

Oh, dear friends. Boy did I struggle with the Whole30 late last week. Somewhere around Days 8-10, things got really, really hard---to the point where on Friday afternoon I consciously chose to fall off the Whole30 wagon and then "start over" the next day, with a few tweaks in place.

The authors and hardcore followers of the Whole30 say a slip-up is gasp-worthy and means you're done; you have to start over with Day 1 again, but whatever. I'm not concerned. Maybe I'll keep doing this until my birthday (early February) rather than ending on Jan. 31, but either way, I know I've made huge nutritional and health progress despite my trials and trip-ups, and I'm not done yet.
On Saturday I got right back on the wagon, but I changed something up a bit. I just can't do that three giant meals but no snacks thing. No matter how much I try to stuff myself with protein and veggies and fruit at lunch, I'm starving long before dinner. What I was doing was NOT working for me; I'd eat those three large meals but then end up snacking anyway (never feeling satisfied by the food, either)--thus eating more than I'd been eating before I even embarked on this nutrition challenge! (And while I am not doing the Whole30 to lose weight, I did put on ten pounds last fall/during the holidays and I am certainly not in this game to GAIN, people!)

So anyway I decided to move some of my lunch food to an afternoon snack every day from now on. So far it's working much better for me.

OK, enough Whole30 talk. I'm sure I'm boring most of you to tears. Sorry about that! But some people have asked me to keep them updated as I go, so....the rest of you can just skip over these parts.

Onward! Since life is about much more than how many vegetable servings you're eating each day, I did manage to squeeze a lot of family fun into the weekend. Saturday was particularly nice; it warmed up (never has 30 degrees felt more tropical), and I was able to get a good run in during the morning while the children were out sledding. Then the girls and I filled the afternoon with reading and naps on my bed, making cornstarch-clay sculptures, and ice skating on the corner pond.


We topped it off with a viewing of the newly remastered "Mary Poppins" for family movie night. So awesome!

Yesterday swimming lessons started up again, and it was 40 degrees, and much playing in the snow and slush and getting soaking wet took place. So, you know--another good day.

Life is a lot better when it's not below zero outside.

Have a great week, friends! Wish me luck with this Whole30 business. Think I can make it slip-free through the week?? Gah.


Vinneeee said...

Not to pry, but what was your slip up?

Shannon said...

Funny you should ask, because I edited out several paragraphs in which I laid out more details, to spare my readers boredom! But since you actually want to know, I'll explain. It was nothing dramatic or even interesting--no gooey desserts in my house right now, ha! I just felt really annoyed, hungry, twitchy, and unsatisfied, despite eating protein and fats and tons of veggies all day, and it felt 100% biochemical; I could tell that if I just a tiny amount of quick-energy carbs, my body and brain would settle right down. (Which it did....sad to say in the long run I guess?) I had a few dark chocolate chips with some peanuts mixed in, plus 3 or 4 small crackers. I think my brain was starving for some serotonin! Already scarce during these cold dark winter months! ;)

Vinneeee said...

Thanks for the info

Are you keeping track of your food somewhere?

When I started eating unprocessed food only, I found my calories per day dropped dramatically. Also, I don't think you get the full caloric content from unprocessed food unless you chew like a Cuisinart.

Shannon said...

I was just writing my meals down in a notebook--nothing fancy. I felt like I was eating a ton--it takes work to down that many veggies, ha!--but you make a good point that unprocessed foods are overall generally a lot less caloric than the "junk" so many of us tend to eat otherwise. Maybe I'm just not consuming enough calories to feel satisfied. I run or do Jillian Michaels "boot camp"-type workouts an hour a day, six days a week, and during my normal daily routine I'm pretty active (I'm not sitting at a desk all day). I don't know, though--I was reading some of the Whole30 forums and it sounded like everyone was eating smaller meals than I was--the women at least!--and I was like, um, hmmm, why am I always hungry?? ;)

Vinneeee said... is a great place to plug stuff in.

I used it in the past to make sure I ate enough, now I think I have it locked down where I am stable.

There were some days where I needed to eat an extra 500 cals. Almond butter and banana and coconut oil are great for that.

I have my own philosophy on working out too. If you want to read it, let me know.