Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two More Things...Plus One

Two things I forgot to mention in my post yesterday (and I only write about this stuff in case anyone out there is considering doing this challenge and would find these notes helpful; the rest of you feel free to skip!)...

1. I didn't mention this at first, because I don't want people to think that the Whole30 program is primarily about weight loss or that I embarked on it for weight loss (see my original Whole30 post for details re: my arthritis and the hip issue that has dogged me off and on (mostly on, lately) for 4 (?) years now), but people keep asking me so...yes, one of the results I've seen so far, three weeks into the Whole30 program, is that I've lost 6.5 lbs., which is definitely the Christmas-treats weight, and which is great because now some of my jeans fit again, ha.

It is also a bit miraculous, considering that I haven't been the most perfect on this challenge, and also that, especially in the first two weeks, I stuffed myself. Seriously, I felt hungry all the time in week two especially, and I ate mucho mucho calories' worth of avocados, almond butter, coconut, pecans, dates, and other calorie-dense foods in an attempt to fill up and feel satisfied. is very interesting how much difference getting rid of processed food makes in how one's body works and feels. My body also looks different (better) at this weight than it "normally" would. Meaning, I think I look slimmer and leaner at this weight than when I've been at this weight while eating my pre-Whole30 diet. Hard to explain, but something is going on, body-composition-wise.

2. OK, second. Going to bed early has been a lifesaver on this challenge. I am an early-to-bed, early-to-rise devotee anyway, as most people know, and this has helped me kick the processed-food/sugar habit enormously. Because think about it: When do you most often find yourself poking around in the pantry or freezer for something yummy to munch on? The evening, right? After the kiddos are down, and you're relaxing watching TV or a movie? (That's not just me, is it?) And, unless you're some sort of freak of nature, I bet you're not poking around for an apple or a chicken breast, am I right? Well, guess what? If you're sleeping, you're not eating junk food. (There's also a ton of scientific evidence that people who get more sleep have more balanced cortisol and hunger-related hormones, which helps prevent overeating in general.)

I'm sure my husband, who is already totally annoyed that I go to sleep shortly after the children do (I get up at five, remember, people), is thrilled with this one (sarcasm alert), but it's a fact. I've never been more motivated to just go to bed; it keeps me from craving potato chips and ice cream. :)

Blah, blah, again. I'm done now.

Oh, and one unrelated nugget... My kids' school has once again been delayed two hours this morning due to "extreme cold" (right now: windchill 35 below zero). Since the last time this happened school ended up being cancelled for the entire day, I can't help but wonder. Wow, winter has been a doozy so far, hasn't it, friends? Time to cuddle up by the fireplace and read or color or watch cartoons!

Stay warm.

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