Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Barbie Bathtime

This is what greets me pretty much every day in my bathroom lately:

The kidlets have taken over my tub. Makes me chuckle daily. The Barbies love to go swimming in bubble baths, don't you know.

I'm still sick. I'm finally going to the doctor today, though, so hopefully I'll leave with a 'script in hand for some superhero antibiotics. Good Lord. It's hard working every day when you feel horrible. I'm so mad that I ruined my streak of wellness, too. Other than a very quick virus last October when I was supposed to be at a job interview, I hadn't been sick for almost a year and a half! It is no coincidence that four days after beginning work in an elementary school, the germs hunted me down and got me.

Because I don't feel like I can or should call in sick to a brand-new job this early in the game (or ever, I'm hoping), and because after all this time I'm sure I'm posing no contagion threat to anyone out in public so I have none of those qualms about going in, I've been doing almost nothing during the hours I'm not at work in order to conserve what little energy I have for...uh, working. Longest run-on sentence ever. Sorry. Brain not operating at full capacity due to sinus pain and cold meds.

But 11 days into that plan (the doing next to nothing plan), the house is looking a little, um....dirty.  Neglected. Dusty. And the fam is no doubt getting tired of dinners from the freezer on the regular. (Fish sticks....again?) Gah. Plus I had to cancel a guitar lesson yesterday, because there was a blizzard, and a ton of snow, and I was still sick, and....yeah. No.

I did dust most of the main level this morning, though, so that means I can cross "dust" off my to-do list, right? Even though I couldn't manage the upstairs? Right.

I have been successfully getting the kiddos to school every day, and, with some husbandly help at times, to tae kwon do class and swimming lessons when appropriate. Also, homework has been getting done and checked, and school forms and papers have been attended to. We missed one 4th-grade student council meeting, but in all fairness that happened the day before I got sick, but on the fourth day of my new job, when mucho changes and distractions were going down in this house.

Ah well. February is almost over thank the Lord because doesn't March mean spring? Ha ha ha ha ha! Enjoy the laughs, stay healthy, see you soon.

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