Friday, February 21, 2014

Bring It Here Too.

You don't know this, but an entire lifetime has been lived since last I wrote here.

See, Tuesday and Wednesday went along swimmingly after Monday's blizzard. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the sun came out and the temperature soared as high as 44 degrees. It felt like spring! There were puddles all over the streets, water was running in the gutters, birds were chirping noticeably, and TWO different nests went under construction under our eaves. (Oh, birdies. Too soon. Too soon!)

And then....people started talking about the GIANT SNOWSTORM coming on Thursday. We're talking the storm of the year, if not the storm of several years.

I will now skip over all the boring details to simply summarize things by saying we have been out of school the past two days due to a giant snowstorm. There's lots more to say, and nothing more to say.

This morning, my favorite local TV-news weatherman said that it is now appropriate to call this year The Worst Winter Ever. #worstwinterever. When the weather guy calls it The Worst Winter Ever you know it's serious.

The other day my BFF and I were discussing the sorry state of our fitness levels. Specifically, she was simultaneously wallowing in and lamenting the fact that when she began a part-time temporary job late last autumn, she stopped running for awhile, being too busy with the new job and whatnot----and then never resumed, even when the job ended. I was saying that I'd slacked off from Halloween to January, and then just when I was starting to get back into shape after the holidays, I caught this current cold/virus/sinus infection which has halted all exercise for the past two-weeks-plus. (Seriously, other than working at my new job, the most I have moved my body in the past two weeks was when I took my daughter to Target to buy a birthday present for a friend's party.)

When I woke up this morning to ten inches of new snow, blizzard-strength winds, another school cancellation, and the promise of more sub-zero temperatures moving in, I also found an email from this friend, which said only, "I truly did not think my behavior could be anymore sloth-like. But now, BRING IT."

Forever and ever amen.

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