Thursday, February 06, 2014

First Week Post-Whole30...

Happy Thursday, friends!

I've got a post coming tomorrow about my first week of work :) so stay tuned if you're curious about that. In the meantime, it's been about a week since I finished my Whole30 challenge, and some people have been asking how it's been going since then.

In the past week--without using the formal reintroduction protocol in the Whole30 book It Starts With Food, mainly because my life has been way too busy/crazy to even read that let alone do it--I have included small amounts of non-Whole30 foods into my diet. I haven't put much thought into it or gone crazy in any direction; but I have nibbled on chocolate, eaten a few rice crackers, and had some half-and-half in my coffee at Caribou with some friends last weekend. None of these amounts have been large. For the most part, I haven't noticed any ill effects of eating these things again, at least not in these very small amounts. Well, my belly probably isn't as flat as it was before. :)

I continue to be absolutely amazed at how much less stiff and sore my joints feel since going for 30 days (mostly) without processed food, grains, dairy, or sugar. As I've said before, I mainly suspect the sugar and perhaps the wheat (and processed foods in general, I guess, since most of them contain sugar and many contain wheat!) in that regard, but who knows. I do know that I've been reluctant to resume eating very much of those things--and that's no doubt a good thing, since candy and Cheetos and potato chips and ice cream really aren't good for you--because decreased joint pain is an almost indescribably HUGE increase in my quality of life.

I'm not kidding, I used to flip-flop in bed at night and have to turn over gingerly, because my hips were sore. I'd have to change position at night like an old lady! And upon waking up each day, I'd slooooowly stand up and shuffle out of the bedroom, because my body was so stiff and achy first thing in the morning. Like I've said before, I'm 42, not 90, so this was a problem! It truly amazes me that these things aren't happening anymore. That fact alone makes the Whole30 worth it, for me--even if I wasn't perfect on it.

I did have an incident the other night when I made a baked pasta entree for my family for dinner and, feeling too lazy to prepare myself a separate entree (such as eggs, which I'd often eat during the Whole30 instead of grain-based entrees), I ate it too. OMG. I had the worst stomachache EVER right after dinner that night. (And I am not one who normally gets stomachaches--ever.) This was the kind of stomachache that makes you want to cry. I had to lie down on my back in bed, not move a muscle, and try to distract myself with the television for 45-60 minutes before it went away. Owie ouch ouch, you guys. No, no, no. My body says NO to whole-wheat pasta (the gluten?). Gah! It was horrible. I don't think I'll dare eat pasta again for a very, very long time, if ever. Which in all honesty is not a problem for me because I've never really been into pasta dishes!

OK, blah blah. I've got to get to work. :) My birthday is coming up, and with it my parents' visiting for the weekend, so I know that sugar, grains, dairy, etc., are on the agenda! I mean, I plan to make a big decadent ice-cream-toffee-something-or-other dessert for my birthday dinner on Saturday, so I'm definitely not a hardcore abstainer! (But I won't be eating pasta, ha.) I'm hoping that by keeping my serving small, I'll be able to enjoy it with no ill effects.

Talk soon!

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