Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Living on Zinc and Vitamin C

Soooo.....does it surprise anyone that exactly four days after starting work at an elementary school, I got sick? No? Me neither.

My birthday weekend went by in a blur of visiting (grand)parents, Olympics watching, pizza takeout, and Urgent Care. Julia's cold turned into an ear infection which necessitated the Urgent Care visit on Saturday morning (which Christopher took care of, after Genevieve said, "Daddy, you take her. It's Mama's birthday and she shouldn't have to take Julia to Urgent Care on her birthday."). Well OK then. Thanks, girlfriend!

Too bad by Sunday morning I'd been hit with the plague and spent all day lying on my bed. Since I refuse to call in sick during my second week of a new job, I've been dosing myself up, neglecting all housework and cooking (sorry for the lame-o meals the past two days, family), and sleeping as much as possible when not going in to work. At least mine's not an ear infection (yet?).

Despite all that, I had a very nice birthday. I made an ice cream cake, which was delish if I do say so myself.

A full week into things, and sickness notwithstanding, I can now confirm that I love my new job. So far, at least, everything about it is perfect for me. Ask me that again in May when I have to accompany "my" student outside for P.E. and do Lord knows what in the hot sun wearing whatever probably P.E.-inappropriate outfit I wore to work that day.

For now, though, it's great. I help a developmentally/cognitively disabled child with his afternoon activities in a mainstream first-grade classroom, get him packed up at the end of the day, and bring him to his bus. Sometimes I work with another child in the special ed room as well. It's challenging, and not for everybody for sure, but it's perfect for my background and interests right now. And there's nothing better than seeing my kiddos' faces light up when I greet them by the main door at 3:20 to take them home after school. I hope their delight in having me work at their school never gets old. Well, at least not before June, anyway. This job is temporary, remember?

Always more to say, but I'm feeling rundown and have work in 90 minutes, so I'd better sign off. Hope you all have good weeks, despite the shivery cold temperatures of this brutal winter! It has to end sometime.

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