Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day. Yesterday after school the girls and I made pink heart-shaped cookies for teachers, our 91-year-old next-door neighbor, and the special friends that come to our house after school several days a month (including today), but I didn't get a chance to photograph them for the blog this year (hence this poor sad photo-less post). It's rather a feat that they got made at all, frankly, let alone photographed. We had less than two hours yesterday between getting home from school/work and leaving for tae kwon do, in which to cram going through the kids' school backpacks, doing homework, making homemade cut-out heart cookies, making homemade valentines, making lunches for tomorrow, and eating dinner.

We did it, though. With no photographs.

It's not that starting a new 15-hours/week job is so monumental as to throw my whole life out of whack. It's starting the new job plus having a sick child plus getting sick myself that's really done it. It is a miracle that everyone's been getting where they need to go (at the proper time), eating three meals a day (I'm not saying they've been good), and finding clean clothes to wear each morning.

And that's where things stand. Happy Valentine's Day, loves. Hug your littles extra hard today and eat plenty of chocolate. I hear it's good for cold viruses and ear infections.

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