Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Say the Word "Xerox." No!

It's so cold here that my coffee gets cold from sitting on an end table that is right next to our living room picture window. Gah.

The windchill is 30 degrees below zero this morning. It was whipping across the farm fields behind my house all night, swirling snow around like dust balls and banging the windows. I really need to move to a less punishing clime. I mean, yes, I know that living here makes you tough, but honestly...I don't need to be this tough.

Other than the ridiculous weather, we're doing okay. My little part-time job is going great. I'm still getting used to the schedule, and sometimes the speed at which this whole thing went down leaves me with a head-spinning sensation and I'll suddenly think, "For real? I have a paid job every afternoon now?! How/when/why did that happen?!" Because honestly I didn't really have time to think about it. I applied sort of on a whim, and after that it all happened at warp speed. And after 9-1/2 years of being a full-time mom, it's a little jarring. But that's OK. Because it's perfect for my life/family/childcare priorities right now, and I'm loving it. Plus, yesterday I mastered a giant copier machine (do not call it the Xerox machine! I was scolded by a staff person at school for doing that. um...yikes?) and successfully made about a million copies of various worksheets, including all sorts of one-sided-to-two-sided-and-sorted-and-stapled instructions, for my supervisor, even though I had not used a COPIER MACHINE in ten years. For reals, you all. So yay.

The girls are learning guitar. It's awesome. Enough said. They also just finished up the winter session of tae kwon do and are now on a break until starting up again in April. Tae kwon do is also awesome.

In other news, in response to an earlier crisis regarding how easy school is for Genevieve and her need for alternate things to do there, she has been put in charge of tutoring a little kindergartner in reading and writing. This is BEYOND awesome. She is so, so proud of this and truly enjoys it. And I can't stress enough what a kick it is to come across her while I'm at work, sitting in the commons or a quiet hallway with this little boy who's no smaller than she is, expertly coming up with little exercises to help him with his letters and words. It's just like her pretend classroom, only she gets to do it for real! Smart, smart teachers at that school.

This post feels really random; sorry for jumping all over the place. I felt like I owed you an update, and "jumping all over the place" is certainly a reflection of my current life. But it's all good. Other than the weather. I hope it's all good where you are too, only warmer. 

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