Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring/Winter/Spring? Break

My kiddos and I are on Spring Break. It began last Friday afternoon, just in the nick of time, and goes through next Monday.

It has been so, so cold. So depressingly cold and wintry. This is the springiest outfit I have worn so far this year, and it involved cords, so that should tell you something. The bare ankles were honestly too cold for conditions. I barely left the house that day so I got away with it for a few hours.

We have watched "Frozen" on DVD (purchased with intense excitement the day it came out, naturally) twice so far during break. It seems remarkably fitting.

On Monday it turned dark and snowy, and we ate treats in front of the fireplace at Caribou.

So spring-y, I know.

(An aside: During that coffeehouse snack above, Genevieve suddenly turned to me and said, "Mama, remember the old days of afternoon kindergarten and our morning coffee dates at James Gang [coffeehouse]?" And then I simultaneously laughed at my seven-year-old 2nd-grader saying "the old days" when remembering her kindergarten year, and secretly cried inside with nostalgia for when my baby was a kindergartner.)

Despite the weather, I am thoroughly enjoying being home with my girls. We have been staying in pajamas for long periods of time, watching movies, making cookies, and playing school. We have been running errands and going to the college rec center to shoot baskets. We have been taking bubble baths in the morning. We have done a LOT of reading.

And it's only Wednesday.

Right now, however, I would give my eyeteeth for just a smidgen of warmth. Just a bit of sun, the snow disappearing, and temperatures even approaching comfortable. Yesterday morning the windchill was below zero. On the news they kept saying it was January weather. It sure doesn't feel like Spring Break, that's for sure. We are still wearing parkas and boots.

Vivi and I have decided we need to move to California. I'm pretty sure Julia's on board with this plan, too.

Meanwhile, we'll just be here making our own "staycation" fun over Spring Break. Enjoy your week wherever you are and whatever you're up to! xo

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