Monday, March 03, 2014

Standing Frozen in the Life I've Chosen* (*sorry Demi Lovato)

out for a verrry cold walk a couple of weekends ago. don't let the grin fool you. it was not pleasant outside.

I am starting to think longingly of living in California. As a lifelong resident of the four-season Midwest, I never thought I would say that. But I read a couple of blogs by California moms, and their photos each day of sun, green grass, leafy trees, and kids in shorts instead of snow pants are starting to kill me. I spend a little too long gazing longingly at them.

It is "meteorological spring" today. No, I'm not sure what that means either, but it's something they said on the radio and it sounds momentous so just go with me here. It is March 3rd, at any rate. Do you know what the temperature is outside as I type this? Twenty-one below zero.  Yes! In March!

Here's the thing about life in California vs. life in Minnesota. It occurred to me that one of my greatest joys is exercising outdoors in nature (and not the nature that's 21 below zero and blanketed in two to three feet of snow, either). It keeps me happy. When I can't partake in it, it makes me sad. And yet, I live in a climate where for five to six months of the year, doing so is uncomfortable if not iffy or impossible. This equation does not add up, people.

Too bad my husband's beloved job and our SUPER-beloved town is here, not in California.

Moving on.

I have been solo-parenting for the past week. Christopher is on another bike-race trip, this one extreeemely far away. The girls and I have been in a good groove. Between school, work, homework, and guitar practice, we've squeezed in plenty of fun. Such as going out for ice cream on one of the coldest days of the year. (Don't even ask why.) And watching "Tangled." And paying to spend a weekend afternoon swimming at a local hotel because gah, it's been days and days and days since the kiddos could play outside and everyone's going crazy and/or becoming a total sloth. In that regard, I also took them to the college rec center where they shot baskets while I ran the track.

At night, they sleep in my bed and it's the best thing ever. Not only do I get to snuggle with my babes all night long (bliss), I get to sleep with Vivi's lovey, Phillip:

Apparently I am a toddler at heart, because I find Phillip adorable beyond words. You can't tell from the photo, but he's very small--like a Beanie Baby.

And that's all from here, friends. Rocking it solo-mama, freezing-cold-Minnesota style. Hope things are going well where you are. xo

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Mnmom said...

I also loved those nights when my girls could sleep in our big bed with me, with all their lovies and blankies. Somehow it felt lovingly protective to have them with me all night. I cherish those memories.

And we should start exploring the idea of moving our town to CA. Preferably northern CA where there is a change of seasons but no sub zero days. This winter is KILLING me!!!