Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hippity Hoppity

Did you all have a nice Easter weekend? I know I'm a day or two late in asking you that, but still--did you? We did. The weather cooperated AT LAST, and I was even able to run in my happy place for the first time in five months. (FIVE MONTHS, YOU ALL.) (Six, if you mean not in freezing cold.)

The beginning of my route: on the prairie.

On Saturday the girls and I dyed eggs, naturally:

Which was loads of messy fun. (One word: glitter.)

A friend of mine, whose 12-year-old son teaches guitar to my girls, invited us to their church on Easter to hear him play guitar in the church band. This boy is the sweetest, most talented, most mature 6th grader I've ever met. The girls love taking lessons from him, and it was really fun for all of us to watch him play and hear all the great music there.

We got dressed up for church:

And even took a girls' Easter morning selfie:

I feel compelled to mention that my hair is not short, as it appears in the above photo. In fact, despite just having a couple of inches cut off last week, right now it is possibly the longest it's ever been, halfway down my back. There are just some shorter layers up front which is all you can see here. Moving on since I'm sure no one cares but me.

I made a big Easter dinner, and Julia helped me with the Four Stack Pie:

Mmm-hmm. Want to see it again?

Yep. Yum.

And that was our Easter weekend. It was sunny and warm and blissful and sugar-filled. As it should be.

Happy spring to you all! Now go hit the after-Easter candy clearance sales.

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