Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mother's Day preview

Every day when I come in to work at my daughters' school, I take the long way from the front office to the special ed classroom, just so I can go down the 2nd grade hallway past Genevieve's room. I don't often see her face then, but I walk right past the large kid projects that her teacher hangs in the hallway. Because they always include original writing on some sort of theme, these art projects are endlessly entertaining.

The other day after school, Genevieve excitedly told me to look for the big Mother's Day project her class had been working on. They were mounted in the hall now, awaiting May, but I could peek at hers as I walked by. So yesterday I did.

The children had made acrostic poems using their moms' first names, on large, painted pieces of paper. I was walking quickly, in a hurry to clock in (plus I didn't want to completely ruin my Mother's Day surprise), so I didn't read Genevieve's entire poem---descriptions of me to match each letter of my name. But I did catch one of the N's: "Never eats fruit dip."

Very true. And, starts with N.

I laughed out loud all the way down that hall.

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