Sunday, April 13, 2014


There is very little time to write when life is this full.

Life is very, very full. In a good way. I mean, most likely to many people who are not extreeeeeme introvert homebodies like me and limited-stamina munchkins like my daughters, our life isn't that full. But trust me: full enough to keep my head spinning most days and cause me to visit the supermarket three times in one week because I kept forgetting random needed items because my brain is in a million places most of the time.

It's funny. I thought my baby/toddler/preschooler parenting days were busy--and they were. CRAZY busy. No sleep, never-sit-down, need-need-need busy. But that kind of busy is busy in a different way, one that generally involves staying home and not interacting with very many people on a daily basis. Ha.

Nowadays life as a mom of school-agers is busy with swimming lessons once/week, tae kwon do classes twice/week, guitar lessons whenever we can sneak them in plus practice every day, and an actual paying job at a real workplace with other people every afternoon. It's the opposite of parenting babies/toddlers/preschoolers. It's all out-there-in-the-world vs. inside-in-the-nursery-with-just-you-and-the-wee-ones. It's all run-run-run and fit-it-all-in. It's a lot more stimulation and external engagement than I'm used to. It gives every day the excitement of a race--not the must-win, pressure-filled variety but more like the birthday-party-relay-games sort. Just enough adrenaline to keep us all going nonstop from alarm clock to bedtime reading.

At their annual school arts fair the other week.

In the middle of school-day, work-day parenting, I'm slooooowly getting back in shape from the frigid winter and the household bouts of sinus infections and ear infections and strep throat that derailed me completely. Last evening I ran hills for the first time since last autumn, and my quads reminded me all night long (sorry, legs; Advil forthcoming).

Work is great and I'm halfway through the four months of this temporary job. I won't know until late May whether I might be offered something for next school year or not. Fingers crossed; nothing guaranteed. 

I've decided to start a cooking project where I start at the beginning of the ENORMOUS homemade binder of torn-out and printed-off recipes I've collected over the last few years (OMG, enormous, so enormous--and that's just one book! don't even get me started on my cookbooks and the drawer of extra, loose recipes that don't fit anywhere else) and systematically make every recipe I've never tried before, one by one and in order (but for now I'm concentrating mainly on entrees). OMG! Can you imagine? OK, so I just started this the other day. Like, maybe one recipe ago. But yesterday I bought the ingredients for West African Peanut Soup and Linguine with Greens, Feta, and Almonds, so watch out, family!

 Not an entree and not a recipe I've never made before. But good. Gooooood.

Spring is here. Um, sort of? It's not snowing and the grass is tinged with green, so let's call that spring. Hallelujah!

See? Biking at the park and wearing Danskos without socks: spring.

Genevieve is plowing through all the Harry Potters, and Julia and I just finished our April Mother-Daughter-Book-Club pick, Odette's Secrets --a good one by the way, moms of 9 to 12-year-olds, fyi.

Easter is on the horizon and although normally we don't travel or host for it and do nothing more than enjoy whatever the Easter Bunny brought and maybe eat a special dinner, this year I've been invited to bring the girls to the church where their guitar teacher (who is a very talented middle schooler) and his family attend, to see him play in the church band during the Easter service. OK, that grammar was horrible but it's early and I've only had one cup of coffee so go easy on me.

And that's the random round-up of our full, full, cozy, busy, wonderful life. Hope things are going likewise happily for you. After all, it's spring. What can go wrong??


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