Thursday, April 03, 2014

They Will Probably Go Out and Shoot Hoops in the Snow.

Hi, friends! Just a quick pop-in to say hello and mention that, despite strep throat, we finished up Spring Break with minimal damage. We even got back to the reptile zoo we visited last year--and yes, Big Al the 14-foot alligator is still there. Yikes!

The girls went back to school--and I to work--on Tuesday, the same day tae kwon do class started up again. So we've been busy. Tonight is the annual arts and literacy fair at the girls' school, and I am reminded of other years when we've left our jackets in the car and walked to the building in warmth and sunshine. Not so much this year, since a storm with 9-12 inches of snow is forecast to begin tonight and last into tomorrow. Ahhhhh.....yes. Still planning my out-of-state move. At least in my fantasies.

After the 10 days of three-girl fun and nonstop companionship that was school vacation, this week has felt a bit jarring, I admit. I must be ready for summer. Yesterday I met up with the kiddos after school/work and, as soon as snack and a little homework were finished, they suited up and ran outside to shoot baskets with our new (used) portable basketball hoop that threatens to fall on and kill me every time I have to roll it out onto the driveway after school because the pole is twice my height and non-adjustable and oh my goodness have you ever tried to roll out (horizontally, because it has to lie down in our garage due to said height and we can't leave it out because we have a homeowners' association) a ten-foot basketball hoop and then TIP IT UPRIGHT without killing yourself when you're about 5'3" and 110 lbs. and it's windy and the driveway slopes? omg.....

Um....lost track of that sentence, sorry. Anyway, they ran out to play and then pretty soon asked if they could go to the nearby park with their neighbor friend, which they do now, and I said yes, and by 5:20 they still weren't back (uh....time to assign watches and return times) and I thought to myself, So, parenting big kids is going to be lonely, isn't it? I'm starting to get that sense.

Ugh, you all! Banish the thought. Also banish the thought of 9-12 inches of snow, gah!

Peace, love, spring. Think those kinds of thoughts instead.

Talk soon. xo

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