Thursday, July 10, 2014

Can't Complain About Much These Days*

Christopher's been traveling for business, so I've been on solo-parenting duty this week. While some days have no doubt been long--on Tuesday I woke up at six a.m. and between errands, housecleaning, childcare, and kids' activities I didn't stop moving until after my daughters' baths at 7 p.m., at which point I lamented that it was still 45 minutes until their bedtime, oy--most of our days and hours have been fantastic. The weather's been perfect, it's that glorious nearly-midsummer time when everything's bright and green and lush and flowery, and it's too soon to think about fall, so you can truly immerse yourself in it and enjoy it. (We're only just a bit over one third into summer break where I live, thank God.)

I was just sitting here thinking about what our day looks like tomorrow. Yes, we have some chores and an errand or two--the necessities of life. But we've also been invited to pick raspberries at a friend's patch, and we've planned a lunch picnic at the pool with friends, and after the pool we've got our CSA-share pick-up at the farm (where we'll also cut flowers and/or pick sugar snap peas if available), and after that the girls and I are going to make popcorn for dinner and watch a movie. It's the perfect day. The only way it could get any better is if a magical fairy appeared and did my vacuuming for me, and also if tomorrow someone invented (and delivered to me) a safe and affordable pill that allows a person to eat as much ice cream, cookies, Cheetos, and candy as she wants while remaining fit, slim, and healthy.

Since those last two things aren't going to happen, I think I'll go back to focusing on the perfect summer Friday.

And did I mention, everyone was right, who told me that seven (nearly eight) and ten are great, great ages, that it would truly surprise me, that how great it is would help ease my chronic nostalgia for those long-lost toddler and baby years? They were so right. Eight (nearly) and ten are fantastic for hanging out with, filling four full all-girl days with, listening to the radio with, walking along living life with. I love my (nearly) eight and ten. Life is good, you all.

And that's it for tonight, friends. Enjoy your Friday and your summer weekend ahead.

*[Edited to add: Favorite song of the summer, by the way. That Oh Honey has an odd band name but a very catchy  tune, am I right?] 

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