Monday, July 07, 2014

Embrace the Waves

My BFF took my kids to the pool yesterday while I did all the usual post-vacation reorganizing/restocking/recovery, and when she came by to drop them off afterward, positively oozing sunshine and heat and tan skin and the smell of blue water, she burst in the door and skipped right over saying hello and instead simply cried, "Oh my gosh I just want summer to NEVER END. I cannot stand the thought of summer ever ending!"

And I was like, hey, didn't I just basically say that very thing on my blog?

I know I just did, but I'm back to say it again and post a few more snapshots of this luscious, glowy, summer life I've got going on here, this life I want to bottle up or freeze-frame or whatever it is you do in your dreams when you desperately want time to stop.

I've been spending summer running under skies like this:

and, on other days, walking under skies like this:

Spending the whole afternoon at the pool with children, and coming home with hair that looks like it:

Cutting more than two inches off my hair and getting it chopped blunt in the back so I can best embrace natural wave and leave the flatiron untouched:

Soaking up sun and chlorine like it's a job:

And taking my kidlets to the beach to dig in the sand and eat sandwiches by the lake:

Of course we've also done our fair share of supporting the economy with regular Target runs for sand toys and pool snacks and spare pairs of sunglasses. We've watched cartoons in the a.m. and practiced tae kwon do at night. We've blown bubbles and made elaborate chalk drawings that covered the entire driveway. We've trimmed the bushes and pulled weeds, ridden bikes and done chores, slurped Popsicles and eaten cupcakes iced to look like watermelon. Our hair has gotten lighter and our shoulders have gotten too much sun.

And I'm happy to say that I finally completed my years-long quest for the perfect summer maxi skirt, by scoring a $14.99 version from the Target GIRLS' DEPARTMENT. Girls' sizes: the perfect antidote to the too-short-for-apparently-all-women's-maxi-skirts dilemma! Brilliant! I couldn't be happier. (Credit where credit is due: this was my friend's Laura's solution for me, after I flagrantly coveted her 10-year-old daughter's skirt one day in June. Thank you, Laura!)

It feels like we've done a lot and simultaneously nothing at all; time is moving so fast that it makes my heart hurt.

Soak it up, my friends. 

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