Monday, July 21, 2014

SAHM Summer Days

As I type this in our joint office/playroom, four kids (two of mine and two others) are busily building with Legos and organizing some sort of toy war behind my back. In approximately 25 minutes, we are going to sunscreen everyone up and put on our swimsuits, in order to get to the pool by opening time with our picnic lunch slung over my shoulder. Yes, we were just there, less than 24 hours ago (and then a couple of days before that, and the day before, and the day before...), but we have a predicted heat index of 102 degrees today, so of course--the pool.

This little scenario is pretty much how things have been going down around here since coming home from family "vacation" earlier in July: hours at the pool with friends, soaking up the sun; playdates; picnics. Throw in a week of morning volleyball "camp," twice-weekly tae kwon do classes, a few visits to the popcorn cart at our town square, a few ice cream cones here and there, a field trip or two, some gloriously hot and sunny runs--and you've got my summer in a (large) nutshell.

Every now and then I think about the fact that I'm becoming a FT working mom in September, and the panic of sending the kiddos back to school (I seriously HATE the end of summer each year and think that there ought to be some sort of 12-step recovery group for moms like me) is magnified by the panic of working 7.5+ hours a day after 10 years of being mostly home running the household. Then I remember that a.) I get to be "with" my kidlets all day at this job; and b.) I can do anything, really--and realize that it'll be fine. Give me the month of September to flounder and freak out and be really, really tired, and then I'll settle into a kick-ass routine and all will be well, I am sure.

The littles are getting so big. Genevieve just lost another tooth (in the middle of the night; she dreamed that someone had given her something crunchy to eat, then woke up to find a tooth rolling around in her mouth), both girls have measurably grown this summer, and I'm starting to plan the second birthday party of the summer--with a space theme for my little junior astronomer.

Pass the sunscreen, yo. We're off to the pool.

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