Sunday, July 06, 2014

Second Month Starting Line

Ahhhhhh. We are one month into summer vacation and things are humming along so sunnily and busily that I have neglected you all once again.

Despite a June flood (which seems to have become an annual event in these parts, yikes), by and large we've had good sunny summer weather. Or maybe I just forget the cool and rainy days as soon as they've passed, blinded and distracted by the beloved sunshine once it's here. Either way, summer is the best. It's so good that I find myself panicking a little bit, at times, about the fact that it won't last forever, won't even last very long. Summer here is so short that sometimes I feel like it's a strictly rationed drug.

We just got back from a family vacation (all moms know that I use that last word loosely, but that's fine) to Upper Michigan, where after a chilly start (we're talking temps in the 50s and 60s with cold 20+ mph winds), we thankfully ended up with some perfect 70-80 degree beach weather. Unfortunately I forgot my phone the day it turned 75 degrees and we spent the afternoon making sand castles and soaking up the sun on the shore, so I don't have any pictures of that day, as warm and blissful as it was.

I do have photos of the day it was so cold on the shores of Lake Superior that my girls wore fleeces and sweatshirts with hoods pulled up:

We went for all-girl early-morning walks around the block, after snapping dim photos of pre-breakfast novel-reading and silly selfies before anyone else in the house was awake:

We saw waterfalls and bought homemade peanut-butter-and-jam brownies from the bakery of the monks of the St. John's Monastery, up in the wooded hills by the lake.

We ate ice cream and watched a small-town 4th of July parade and stayed up suuuuuuuuper late for fireworks (omg what in the actual hell, why do fireworks START at nearly 11 p.m. up there??).

And now, 18 hours round-trip driving later, we're back. And as soon as I finish doing the mountain of post-vacay laundry and restocking the fridge with fresh fruit and milk, I'll be back to my usual summer-SAHM routine of farm-share pick-up, pool afternoons, kids' activities and summer "field trips." (On Thursday we're volunteering at a Twin Cities anti-hunger organization with a group of our fellow-moms-and-kids friends.)

It's all good. It's summer, after all.

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