Thursday, July 31, 2014

Squash It

This is the giant zucchini my friend Laura gave me from her garden the other night---as photographed AFTER I grated SIX CUPS of zucchini shreds off the skinny end. (I wish I'd photographed/weighed it before I started grating.)

Please note the cupcake there for scale. It is not a mini cupcake. That is a full-sized cupcake.

When I went to pick up the Giant Zucchini at Laura's house, she answered her door cradling the zucchini like a baby and rocking it in her arms. In truth, it was larger than a baby. At least a newborn baby.

After grating six cups of zucchini, freezing four and using two right away for a recipe, I had to stop and wrap up the zucchini for the time being. I ran out of time! Therefore, my to-do list has included the item "grate more zucchini" on it for the last two days. I just hope I can finish before it starts to get mushy/floppy/yucky. At this rate I feel like I'll be grating the Giant Zucchini until Christmas.

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