Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ends, Beginnings, & Questionable Ponytails

So. It has been jungle-y here lately! And by that I mean dew points in the 70s and humidity levels so high you start to sweat just by stepping outside. Whew! August in Minnesota! I am not complaining, since you all know how I feel about winter, but...August. ONE WEEK left of the pool! We'd better hit it hard this week.

Yesterday it was way too humid to run outside (my usual exercise), and too rainy to go to the pool (theirs), so while the girls and I were home alone in the afternoon, we improvised and set up some cardio circuits. It was really fun. I wanted to do my killer Jillian Michaels cardio DVD, which is almost an hour long but split into warmup, seven exercise circuits, and cooldown. We decided that while I did the DVD, the girls would rotate between our mini trampoline, my elliptical machine (which they love), self-practicing their Tae Kwon Do, and doing the DVD with me. They rotated every six minutes, when my DVD circuits changed. It was awesome and so fun. I've got to remember this one for wintertime!

Before our workout, I pulled my new short hair into the tiniest ponytail ever seen.

Is that even a ponytail? Let's just say yes.

In other news, on Friday the girls and I discovered that the flowers at our CSA farm are exploding. Seriously, you should see the flower section of the field at our farm; it's a mass of cheerful color. So gorgeous.

I got five vases-full for the house and another for our dear 92-year-old next-door neighbor.

Oh, and there were lots of tomatoes, too.

Also in other news, this year (unlike last) I remembered to bring my girls in for their annual summer well-check appointments with our pediatrician, and they were thrilled to find out how much they've grown. True, Vivi has yet to officially tip the scales into the 50s, but both girls are in the four-feet-or-over height range (Vivi just barely; she's 48 inches even!), and we are solidly out of the single-digit growth percentiles, and for the most part even out of the teens. (Julia's still only at 16th percentile for height.) Growth spurts, here we come. Maybe they both won't be the smallest kids in their grades this year, ha!

Tomorrow I go to an all-day training for work, and on Tuesday we go to Back-to-School Meet-the-Teacher day. This is the last week of summer break for us, and everyone's simultaneously excited and a little sad. It's funny; I've been reading These Happy Golden Years, the 8th Laura Ingalls Wilder book in the Little House series, and just last night I came upon this quote:

As Laura went down the stairs she thought: "The last time always seems 
sad, but it isn't really. The end of one thing is only the beginning of another."

It felt like I was meant to read that quote right now, at this time and stage of our lives. I'd better put it on repeat in my mind for the next week or so, wouldn't you say? Major end coming up, huge beginnings.

And I'll talk to you soon. Enjoy the end of summer!

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