Thursday, August 07, 2014

Here's What's Up

Hey, y'all. I've been re-(re-re-re-re-?)watching the entire "Friday Night Lights" canon on DVD (yes we own the entire run), and have made it all the way to the final season (5). So you'll have to excuse the occasional Texan-ism, since it's on the brain right now.

What else is going on around these parts? Well, we must avoid as much angst as possible and simply refuse to voice the obvs., which is that summer is waning, shhhhhhhhh. So, you know, truth be told, we've been school supply shopping. And gym shoe shopping. And going to an employee meeting regarding one's job contract for the upcoming school year, with the kids and their snacks, books, and writing tablets in tow.

The girls tested for the next level in tae kwon do on Tuesday--their orange belts. We find out tonight if they passed, which I'm sure they did, because they rocked it. One more week of summer TKD and then we're off for a few weeks, which as much as we love TKD, will be a nice break from twice-a-week evening classes. Such a scramble, sometimes.

We've been cutting flowers at the farm, watching hummingbirds in the backyard, going to the pool most days, and planning Genevieve's upcoming 8th (!) birthday party (she's been obsessed with astronomy for almost a year now, so it's space-themed). I've been teaching Julia (verrrrrry incrementally) how to do laundry. We go to Target approximately ten thousand times a week. The usual.

More soon, what with orange belt and birthday photo opportunities coming up. In the meantime, I will leave you with two delightful links. First, an amazing-looking grain-free zucchini brownie recipe (read the comments at the bottom; people are going nutso for these brownies!).

And second, this charming Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros video for their song "That's What's Up." I promise, this will delight you. I'm in love.

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