Friday, August 22, 2014

My Kids Don't Recognize Me.

So the other day, when looking at/for old photos of Genevieve as a baby, I noticed/remembered that my hair used to be basically all one length, and that I loved it that way.

It was a lot easier to style back then. (Or so I remember. Maybe I forget?!)

Over the years, after getting side bangs cut in, I sort of gradually ended up with more and more layers in my hair. It was fine at the time, but lately they've been driving me bananas.

The problem is, to get your hair all (or mostly) one-length again, you have to cut off some of those layers eventually, to get rid of them....and then grow it all again from there.

So last night at the salon, I told my stylist to make some major inroads in this process. Gulp.

Presenting the "long bob" (otherwise known as the "lob" in the hair/style industry (apparently), a term I refuse to use):

 The side bangs remain.

Here's the back view:

All one length back there! Hooray!!!

That's 4 to 5 inches gone, people!

Unfortunately I forgot to warn my family that I was going to do this before I left for my appointment. Consequently, Julia's first reaction upon seeing the result was, "Ohmygosh!!! Why did you do that to your hair???"

Here's how it looks from the front when I'm not in my car attempting to take selfies to text to my children to warn them in advance about what I'm going to look like coming through the door:

Not the most flattering lighting, but fine.

OMG, you all. New job (in one week!!!), new life, new hair, apparently.

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