Sunday, August 10, 2014

Orange Belts and Oreo Ice Cream

The kiddos are now Tae Kwon Do orange belts!

So proud of my punching, kicking dynamos. Tae Kwon Do involves a lot of skill, memory, balance, concentration, and energy, and I'm continually impressed with all my babes have learned in the past nine months or so of classes (thanks largely to an incredible instructor; we're so lucky). Plus, don't they look cute in their uniforms and belts?

And here a few additional unrelated and semi-random photos from the last few weeks' adventures.

I took the girls up to our fave Minneapolis neighborhood for our annual Linden Hills afternoon of fun, which included all the usual: a picnic lunch at the Linden Hills playground, a bout of browsing and shopping at Wild Rumpus children's bookshop, ditto at the toy store (not pictured), and, of course ice cream cones at Sebastian Joe's. Yum!

Only one of them still fits through the "fairy door" at the bookstore. Sob!

Oreo ice cream cones: perfection.

Lastly, look at these gorgeous flowers we cut the other day at our CSA farm to give to our next-door neighbor for her 92nd birthday this weekend.

Aren't we so lucky to have this kind of beauty in our daily lives?! Love.

OK, sorry for the sparse/random. I'm assuming the Grams appreciate whatever they can get, if no one else does. Ha! Happy August and all that. Back soon.

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