Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Out of This World

Over the weekend we hosted Genevieve's birthday party for a few little friends. Everything went great and the party was a grand success, according to the birthday girl.

Kid birthday parties in our family are pretty simple. We always have them at home, with homemade cake, simple decorations, and classic party games. (I was validated in my belief that this is all kids really need when, on Julia's homemade Mother's Day project she made at school last spring, among the ten things each child was supposed to write as their favorite things about their moms, she wrote, "Makes birthday parties awesome!")

Before the party, my girls made their own paper planet/space decorations and taped them up around the house.

The black sign at the bottom of the door says, "Halley's comet," in case it was unclear 
what that sideways-microphone-looking thing is above the paper Earth)

I had also found some cute "dizzy danglers" space-themed decorations to hang over the table:

We served yellow-cake cupcakes frosted with homemade chocolate buttercream and decorated with star-shaped marshmallows and star cupcake picks, along with Capri Suns (get it?):

For activities, I had the kids paint suncatchers and frost and decorate star-shaped sugar cookies (baked ahead of time) that I then wrapped up for them to take home. (The cookies are visible in the middle photo above, on the stars-and-moon plate we just happened to already own).

We also played a few games: "Ring Saturn," a version of ring toss that involves tossing a hula hoop over a big ball in order to "put rings on Saturn"; as well as two non-space-themed indoor games that my party assistant, Julia, so helpfully led. (Simple classics: "Telephone" (remember that?) and the game where you see who can transfer the most M&Ms from a baking sheet to their own Dixie cup via a straw.)

Favors (besides their cookies and suncatchers) were star-printed cellophane bags filled with: fun-sized Milky Ways, Starburst candies, mini-packs of Orbit gum, star-shaped straws, and stickers of planets, moons, and stars.

It's not shown here, but we displayed the favor bags by the front door in a big star-shaped glass dish/plate that was a gift from Christopher's boss a couple of Christmases ago. Each child took one as she left the party.

So: not Pinterest-worthy, but perfect. :)

And now she is eight! And, just for fun and nostalgia, here is a photo of Genevieve at her 4th birthday party:

And, once again, now at age eight (this is from her family birthday dinner on her actual birthday; sorry for the blurs):

Sigh. As usual, time is persisting on marching forward.

Last two weeks of summer before school and work begin! We plan to enjoy every minute.

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