Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Starbucks Iced Espresso is Apparently Impossible to Remove From Clothing.

I spent yesterday at an 8-1/2-hour training for my new full-time job as an educational assistant in the neurobiologial special ed program at my daughters' elementary school.

Despite the fact that the hours were longer than a normal school/work day will be for me (I left at 7:15 a.m. and was done around 4, then ran a quick errand and got home around 4:45), my lunch break was twice as long as it will normally be (a full hour yesterday as opposed to the half hour I'll get at school, meaning that I got the never-to-come-again chance to zip home and even throw in a load of laundry over lunch), and my kids weren't nearby (school does not start till the day after Labor Day--one week from today!), in a lot of ways yesterday felt like my first day as a full-time working mom.

(Spoiler alert: despite what follows, the workday itself was great and left me feeling VERY positive about the upcoming year.)

In a nutshell, here's how it went down. I hope none of this is an omen of things to come.

Sometime in the morning, I had a very strong premonition (seriously!) that my youngest was sick with a stomachache. Around lunchtime, I spoke to my family and found out that my youngest was sick with a stomachache.

(Yes: first day of work, youngest child gets sick during the day--check.)

I found out that, despite having been told upon my hire that I wouldn't have to, I actually DO have to work on three or more late-start school mornings (starting next week) during which my children now need childcare.

(Last-minute childcare scramble--check.)

The tree trimming company with whom I'd contracted in June but who hadn't yet fit us into their schedule unexpectedly showed up at the house to do a large job about which my husband knew basically nothing, with a bill we could no longer afford due to having our air ducts cleaned in July. (After a few frantic minutes on my cell phone, it was determined that the very nice tree guys would do half the job now, half later, and invoice us rather than ask for payment yesterday. These guys are the father and uncle of one of Julia's classmates. Gotta love small-town living and Minnesota-nice treatment!)

(Household management chaos--check.)

My work day ran late and I ended up serving my family frozen pizza for dinner.

(Cliche of working-mom dinners--check.)

On my hurried drive home, the iced coffee I'd sympathy-purchased myself at the Starbucks in Target after running my quick post-workday errand leaked onto the brand-new, PERFECT white pants I had just ordered on an amazing sale from J. Crew for work.* (You guys, I just have to add this: these pants were originally $98. I got them for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS a few weeks ago!)

(Random stains on work clothes during mad rush--check.)

It is a testament to everything about this job situation of mine that even after all that, I still ended the day feeling excited and great about the year to come. The day was crazy---but the year is going to be a good one.

Now it's time to fully enjoy the last seven days of summer.

*Three washes later and the stain is still there (though lighter). What in the world is in Starbucks coffee?!


yasmara said...

Oxyclean powder, mix as a paste with water, let set for several hours - this has gotten out almost everything (can bleach out dark colors, but great for whites/lights). The one thing I didn't get out was mildew stains. Sigh.

Shannon said...

Hey, thanks Yasmara! A friend also recommended the Clorox Bleach Pen, which seems to be doing the trick. Time will tell... (No more coffee while wearing white pants! Ever!) ;)