Monday, September 29, 2014

Rat Race Days

Don't you always pose for photos in front of autumn trees in your tae kwon do uniform? 
(this was actually for a school project; the uniform was unintentional 
and just because we were coming home from TKD class)

If we weren't battling germs, viruses, and the odd bee sting reaction in this house, I'd say things are going great. My daughters' school has been hit hard by every manner of germ, it seems, unusually early this year, and we've been felled by a number of them just like everyone else. I think someone in my household has been sick every single weekend since school began, and Genevieve's on her second sick day today in only one month of school.

The second day home from school means my turn to stay home to be with her, so I'm missing work today for the first time. Although it's only been a month since I started my full-time job, it already feels incredibly strange to be at home on a weekday. There is plenty to do, but it doesn't seem like I should be here right now doing it.

My new daily life is a true challenge: So far I've been doing virtually everything around the house that I always did before, when I wasn't working outside the home 38 hours per week. (Exceptions: Last week I asked Christopher to clean the master bathroom and vacuum for me when I just could not fit it in; and one other time he did the weekly vacuuming for me too.) But I've recalled that I have always been drawn to challenges.

In order to juggle everything I did before, add in exercise and take the girls to their activities, while also working outside the home full-time, my life has become somewhat of a constant race (and a test in efficiency/time management/multi-tasking like never before). But I've discovered that I'm good with races.

I've always liked to be busy; I prefer to be active and my natural inclination is to stay moving all day (now that I'm no longer sitting at a computer writing a book--remember those days?). This is no doubt part of why I enjoy my job so much; it's truly a job that requires a LOT of running around. It's also why I loved--despite the challenges--those years of stay-at-home motherhood with babies/toddlers/preschoolers. (You don't know the meaning of the word "busy" until you've experienced that job.)

But life as a stay-at-home mom with two school-agers isn't as busy, between 7:45 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., as it was with wee ones at home. It's no wonder I've found myself with a job during those hours that keeps me as busy as I was during the baby years. It just means I'm busier than ever during the time before and after those hours.

And so fall marches on. We've had glorious, summery weather where I live--that stereotypical golden, glowy, blazing-leaves type of autumn that you see in calendar photos. We've been trying to enjoy the heavenly weekends but it's been hard with so much illness in the house. On Saturday we had to come home early from a college football game, and yesterday I stayed home with Vivi from the annual Alpaca Farm Open House, something we haven't missed since the girls were toddlers.

Ah well....none of it is anything serious and there is still time for the pumpkin farm, the apple orchard, more football games.

Carry on, friends! And take your vitamins.

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