Sunday, October 05, 2014

Last Weekend the Sprinkler, This Weekend the Fireplace.

I had the craziest week, you all.

It started out with Genevieve catching a virus (that she hasn't yet kicked 100%, 8 days later) that necessitated a day home from school (and thus a day home from work for me), and ended with my girls' school's annual Walk-A-Thon on Friday, which also happened to be a gray, drizzly, verrrrry windy, and verrrrry cold day (er, 40+ degrees colder than it had been last weekend when Julia played in the sprinkler with friends, hello Minnesota in autumn).

The Walk-A-Thon would have been no big deal at ALL in any other year, but this year it meant going out to walk at different classrooms' times with different autistic children (some of whom also have ADHD and are highly impulsive), know...challenging. ;)

Friday may have been the longest day ever, since after the super challenging work/school-day, the girls and I still had a Target run and farm-share pick-up to accomplish before collapsing in front of the fireplace with blankets, dinner, The Muppet Show on DVD, and frozen custard for dessert.

Or maybe the week actually ended yesterday, when I caught Vivi's virus on a solo-parenting weekend (another bike race, natch) but still managed to shepherd all three of us through homework, chores, guitar practice, grocery shopping, a visit to the apple orchard, and a post-dinner stint at the college rec center for jogging (Julia), walking (me), and shooting basketballs (Genevieve).

To tell you the truth, despite feeling under the weather and being on solo-parenting duty, I found yesterday with its busy slate of activities to be completely calm, smooth, and relaxed. My girls are almost always super-cooperative and calm on these solo-parenting weekends, and we generally manage to have a lot of fun despite chores and obligations. Of course the best part is having two cuddly girls in my bed at night. We pile it high with pillows, extra blankets, and stuffed friends so it's extra cozy, and this time no one kicked me in the night and everyone slept well. :)

All right, friends, onward into a new week. I'm praying for a warm-up and some SUN after last week's rain and chill; a reprieve from virus attack; and maybe even some time to bake these, which my friend Kathy says are beyond delicious. Have a great week, everyone!

p.s. Obviously I have no time to take pictures anymore. Sorry for the boring no-photo text.

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