Saturday, February 14, 2015

Holy Moly Me Oh My

Hey, you all! I apologize in advance for the randomness that will be this post. Much like my brain, it will jump all over the place in a potentially annoying fashion.

So it was my birthday this week. Thankfully, much ado was not made over my continued aging. Just the right amount of ado, actually: friends stopping by with coffee and unexpected and unnecessary gifts, my daughters picking out cupcakes at the local cupcake shop, a free hoagie for dinner with my fam at our town's favorite sandwich place (which gives you a free sandwich on your birthday if you show them your driver's license--ouch). I also squeezed in a six-mile run, which occurred immediately before I gave up all exercise for the remainder of the week due to ridic cold weather and a crazy busy life that drains my energy on the regular. Oh, and then the next day after work I had a surprise gift waiting for me on my car's windshield (love small towns!!), left by a girlfriend who knows my car, knows where I spend my working hours, and knows that I park in the exact same place on the same street by the school every single day--ha. :) SO NICE.

This week also included the girls' Valentine's parties at school and a field trip for my 5th grader. Of course, seeing as how I'm working all day, I did not volunteer at either party nor chaperone the field trip, BUT I did shepherd a few of our special ed kiddos through their classroom festivities, and popped my head into Genevieve's next-door 3rd-grade classroom at one point to see what was up and give her a quick kiss. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE working at my girls' school?!? Nothing better.

Julia started Saturday basketball, swimming lessons continued, and tae kwon do resumed after a week's break plus one lesson that had to be cancelled because of a winter storm. We are not lacking for things to do.

Every time I see something like this (or this), I wonder why the heck am I not wearing bikinis every day at the pool in the summer? Because whatever my particular body dissatisfactions (we all have them!), I have discovered over the years that I have been blessed with a belly that shows no sign of past pregnancies/childbirth and that this is fairly unusual. Who knew?!? Moms don't go around comparing their bare bellies. BELIEVE ME, I think Cindy et al are gorgeous and perfect as-is, and BELIEVE ME, I have other body "imperfections" that I despise, but my midsection is not one of them, and it suddenly occurred to me that THIS WILL NOT LAST. I'm getting old, people. (See: previous discussion of birthday.) Why am I not wearing a two-piece while I can?! Good grief. I should have been happily baring my belly for the last ten years.

And lastly, are you crushing on the Glee version of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes' song  "Home" as much as I am? If not, you should be!

Carry on.

Monday, February 02, 2015

No Time for Rest

Just popping in to show you this dollop of awesomeness:

This is the Old Navy activewear top I just ordered (because I was also ordering a new tunic to wear with leggings to replace the one that got irrevocably stained at work (see: work at elementary school), had a bunch of credit card rewards dollars, plus got my entire order (which included another needed item too) on sale for 40% off, which meant a final bill of $4.90, omg).....

Because, seriously, HOW COULD I NOT ORDER THIS. It's the theme shirt of my full-time-working-mom life!

Happy Monday, you all.