Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Madness

 Oh, hey there. Yikes, it's been quiiiite awhile.

Clearly, my new-ish life as a working mom and the act of writing do not exactly go hand in hand. As in, I don't really have time to write.

Seeing as it's almost spring break (for the kiddos and for me), and the last time I wrote here was, what, Valentine's Day or something?, well, there's no way to fully fill you in on 4+ weeks of mothering life. You probably wouldn't even want me to. So, a few moments that stand out from my memories of mid-to-late winter around these parts:
  • I experienced WAY too many barely-above-zero and/or windchill-below-zero recesses at school/work. The ONLY part of my job I dislike: recess duty in January/February. Good Lord Almighty humans should not be outdoors in that kind of weather.
  • The girls played a lot of indoor basketball on frigid boring weekends. A LOT.
  • This has been the first winter (in the NINE winters we have lived here) the little hill in our backyard has not been used for sledding. I could cry, just typing out that realization. Because the KIDS ARE GROWING UP. 
  • I gained my usual deep-winter ten pounds. Gah. Meh. Extreme winter in the northlands = carbs & lethargy = ten extra pounds. What are you gonna do? Sigh. Not even my active job could keep these pounds away, apparently. Note to self: fewer cookies, more running.
  • My arthritis flared up, leading to more skipped runs than usual (see: the gaining of ten pounds, above).
  • Work = happiness. I love the structure and the kiddos and the social connections and the comfort of a familiar place where you are needed and others are happy to see you every morning no matter what else is going on in the world at large. Thank God for that.
  • It was spring for one week, when it reached the 60s and all the snow melted. (Last week.) Now it's late winter again, albeit with no snow. But the temp is once again CHILLY.
  • I fell in love with Zach Braff's little Kickstarter-funded indie movie from last summer, "Wish I Was Here," and its hypnotic soundtrack. So I'm approximately seven months late to this particular experience. Better late than never.
  • Starbucks unsweetened chilled coffee for home (cheapest at Target! fyi!); Lena Dunham's memoir (hide from the kiddos, much adult content); Girl Scout cookies; these yummy chocolate bars (which come in lots of other flavors too); weekend days doing childcare for Genevieve's best friend and thus temporarily having three daughters; lazy dinners; coooold walks. 
Parenting school-agers continues in all its confusing, rewarding, confounding glory and chaos. Never, EVER a dull moment, you all. Chins up, soldier on.