Wednesday, April 08, 2015

April Showers

Friends! It's been too long.

What have we been up to over here? Other than spring break and Easter, I'm not really sure, but I do have a (very) few photos.

The week before break, I took a personal day from work ONLY because I get two per year and if I don't use one, I lose it (I can carry over the second). It says something about my job that I wasn't really even very interested in taking a day off, but it just seemed like I'd better do it. I mean, who gives up a "free" personal day? At any rate, I cashed in the gift certificate for a mani/pedi that my dear friend V. in Texas sent me for my birthday. She had called a local nail salon in my town and made arrangements. It was lovely:

Since I used the rest of the afternoon for my annual mammogram, the salon treatment sort of saved the day. I loved it. Thank you, V.!

Spring break was not at all spring-y, but we did escape the ten inches of snow that attacked our town mere hours after we left to drive north to visit my folks. (Yes, we drove 300 miles NORTH, but the weather was LESS wintry up there. Which is not to say it was nice, just that it did not snow ten inches. Ha.)

One day during some shopping, Julia and I happened upon this wall plaque, which Julia wanted me to buy for my bestie for her upcoming birthday. I did not, but I texted her this photo (I'll let you guess her hair color):

After our trip north, we still had some days left on break, so I took the girls to the Science Museum of Minnesota to see the big new Space exhibit. I forced Julia to stand in this astronaut scene so I could take a photo of the two of them:

You can tell from her face that she's basically saying, "I'm humoring you, Mama." Which is fine!

We didn't have any plans for Easter this year, but I cooked my ham dinner (the girls love it and look forward to it), including this pretty dessert which was a big hit with a little vanilla ice cream:

What's not to like, right?

And last night was Julia's last elementary-school choir concert. She "graduates" from 5th grade in less than two months (gah!), which means she's on to the middle school in the fall. SIGH...... No, I am not ready.

As usual, spring has been crazy-busy and also cold. In addition to spring break, Easter, and the choir concert, we've also had parent-teacher conferences and in upcoming days/weeks we have the school's annual arts/literacy festival (Genevieve is reading an original poem), the 3rd-grade's annual Famous Americans program (Genevieve is going to be Albert Einstein, love it), and I've got two work events and the middle school parent meeting, plus four birthdays and planning for the rest of spring (read: elementary school graduation, Julia's 11th birthday, grandparents visiting).

Somewhere in there I will find out whether or not I have this job again next year. Since right now there is no sign of any new ASD-diagnosed kiddos joining our school in the fall, and one of our current students needs less classroom support than he did at the beginning of the year, at least one of us may be out of a job. (This kind of position is dependent on the number of students who need special ed services of each type, each year.) I'd be fine with dropping down to part-time (which every mom I know who works full-time as an educational assistant would prefer, truthfully--we are always talking about how crazed we feel trying to manage everything at home in addition to working full-time), but if my job is no longer after the first week of June, I will cry. Truly.

But for now, onward! The last two months of having both my babes at the same neighborhood school--where I work, even!--is upon me. That is not lost on me. I'm savoring every day.

I hope you are, too!