Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day Three

Just dropping in quickly to say we're doing OK so far, three days into the school/work year. Some bumps in the road, but hanging in, just trying to get to Friday afternoon when we are all looking forward to a trip to the bakery after school on our way to farm share pick-up and then crashing at home with popcorn and a much-deserved movie. Last fall I always said Thursday was the hardest day of the week in terms of adjustment and exhaustion. So, we're gonna power through it! Thank goodness for sunny September days, good friends and neighbors, home-baked treats, kind teachers, and lots of coffee (adults only). I even got in a solid run on Tuesday night and a short one last night (just couldn't do more than three miles yesterday; sooooo tired.) :)

Power on, peeps! Hope your school year is going well.


Friday, September 04, 2015

Home Stretch

August flowers from the farm

 Sigh......home stretch of summer.

So this week has been the hottest and most humidly oppressive of the season....and the pool has been closed since Monday. GAH! It has always been open all the way through Labor Day, right up until the first day of school, but this year Labor Day is a week late, and the lifeguards all had to go back to college, so..... Yep. Closed.

It's been all 90+ degrees with dew points of 75 (FYI: that's like jungle humidity), and we've been all, Um.....what is there to do, exactly?

Luckily (?), what there's been to do this week is all the back-to-school (& work) activities. I had a training day on Monday, all nine hours of it; then it was elementary-school Open House and Middle School Parent Night and the new 6th graders' half-day orientation/welcome event. And now we're up to Labor Day weekend, and we're still sleeping late and staying in our pj's far too late and ignoring the fact that in just four short days, we'll be getting up at five (me) and six (them). Oh myyyyy.....

I've been psyching myself up to return to work/school by musing on the things I love about doing so (rather than on the five a.m. wake-up and the never-home insanity). For instance, Fridays take on a whole new meaning when you're NOT a stay-at-home mom. All day Friday--even when you love your job--you can relish the fact that at the end of the day you get to grab your kid(s) and come home to crash and RELAX. (Oh right, you never really relax when you have kiddos, but COMPARATIVELY SPEAKING.) Gotta love Friday afternoons.

And: the paychecks! The paychecks I get at this particular job are miniscule--however, they are money.

I'm sure there are other things that will come to me. ;)

Happy holiday weekend, friends! Soak it up. Next week life gets crazy. :)