Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day Three

Just dropping in quickly to say we're doing OK so far, three days into the school/work year. Some bumps in the road, but hanging in, just trying to get to Friday afternoon when we are all looking forward to a trip to the bakery after school on our way to farm share pick-up and then crashing at home with popcorn and a much-deserved movie. Last fall I always said Thursday was the hardest day of the week in terms of adjustment and exhaustion. So, we're gonna power through it! Thank goodness for sunny September days, good friends and neighbors, home-baked treats, kind teachers, and lots of coffee (adults only). I even got in a solid run on Tuesday night and a short one last night (just couldn't do more than three miles yesterday; sooooo tired.) :)

Power on, peeps! Hope your school year is going well.


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