Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I wanted to post a photo here of Julia with the giant 15-lb. Blue Hubbard squash she won from our CSA farm by correctly guessing its weight at storage-share pickup last week, but iPhoto is refusing to import new photos from my phone right now (siiiiiigh........), so I will instead give you this pic I snapped a month ago on a trail run near my house: the prairie vegetation, the field, the sky. Nowadays there is more gold and brown and less green, but we have had an incredible long, warm, lucky autumn. Snow is supposed to come today for the first time--just a lovely sprinkling inch or so--even though yesterday it was 50 degrees where I live (the temp dropped 20 degrees overnight).

My daughters and I are off to run our town's Turkey Trot (5K) this morning before all the Thanksgiving dinner cooking begins. (Actually, that began last night, of course, with the pie and the assembling of the stuffing. Much more to come.) It has been a completely insane fall--working-mom life is crazier and busier than EVER and I have often wondered how to do it all and where the time is going--but that is all the more reason to thoroughly enjoy this day.

I wish you a day full of food, love, and thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Growing Up

One of the best things about having an 11-year-old: Every time the Macklemore song "Growing Up" (a letter of advice to the artist's then-unborn daughter Sloane) comes on the radio, when he gets to the line "And every day, give your mama a compliment," Julia calls out from the other room or the backseat of the car something like, "You're a good runner!" or "You're a great cook!"