Sunday, April 24, 2016

Random Spring Notes


It is ridiculous that I have not written here since mid-February. FEBRUARY. What the ever-loving?

I'm terrible.

I'll spare you a paragraph about how CRAZY BUSY I have been and all the usual excuses about having NO TIME TO WRITE. Just consider it already said.

It's hard to sum up nearly 2-1/2 months of mothering life in a few paragraphs. Truth be told, I can't even remember mid-February. Were we done with Genevieve's travel basketball tournaments at that point? Not even sure. What was going on with work? No idea. The good news is that back then, it was winter, and now IT IS SPRING. Does anything else even matter?

So, spring. Easter up north at the grandparents', Julia joining the 6th-grade girls' track team and thus initiating us into the world of daily after-school sports practice (and four-hour WEEKNIGHT meets), interval runs via this new-to-me app (no, I have not lost weight with it, by the way; turns out you actually have to, I don't know, adjust your diet? for that to happen), the annual elementary school arts festival (squeezed in before Tae Kwon Do class, yikes, the fam schedule is tight at times), playdates, birthday parties, and other social busy-ness.

And now here we are at almost May. The girls are taking this session off from Tae Kwon Do due to Julia's track schedule, but will start again in June. Genevieve's well past her school running club's record for most miles run at recess during the course of the year, with 6-1/2 weeks of school still to go. Within the past few months our front door deadlock, dining room overhead light fixture/switch, garage door opener, and girls' bedroom blinds have all broken/malfunctioned. (Have any of the above been fixed yet? Ha ha no.) Our 21-year-old kitty has shrunk to five pounds or less and we are facing an imminent goodbye.  Life goes on, each day a speeding train just like the one before it.

I'll come back, before 2-1/2 more months go by, I swear. I'll post some photos. Happy Spring!