Thursday, September 01, 2016

Getting Ready

 birthday breakfast
 birthday cake

So sometime in the month since I last wrote here, my baby turned ten. That seems fairly crazy. I'm barely keeping up here! But time marches on and all that. We had a huge kid party the weekend after her actual birthday, with ten girls squeezed into our small house, and it was chaotic but fun. This child has the sweetest, brainiest, sportiest friends. A girl gang for the modern world, all obsessed with science and athletics and books and math. Love them.

I went to a bunch of work trainings in preparation for back-at-it next Tuesday. I have mixed feelings this year. Being back at school made me feel all warm and fuzzy about seeing my fave work friends, my fantastic supervisor, and the anticipation of seeing the kiddos in our special ed program soon, after 12 weeks apart. I truly love and miss them. And September is always--and is already!--warm, sunny, golden, and glorious in these parts. It's impossible to think of past Septembers without remembering the good feelings that come with these gorgeous, perfect days.

But. As is always the case, THIS. The sadness is overwhelming at times. Last night before I fell asleep, I had the sudden panicked realization that summer is over and we never went to the popcorn cart on our town square. A summer tradition, and yet this year, with older kiddos who do more stuff on their own, with friends, and often parent-less, etc., WE NEVER WENT. I almost sat bolt upright in bed. I experienced a very real, physical pang somewhere in my chest. We are going to the popcorn cart tomorrow. But I could cry.

What else, you all? What else is going on? I'm restarting the sprint-interval running program, from week one. I'm redoing bedrooms on a budget of zero (sigh). I'm still binge-reading Elin Hilderbrand. All in all, it has been, of course, a good summer. The Black Hills trip, summer basketball, breaking boards in Tae Kwon Do, several day trips of pure fun (the zoo & Rainforest Cafe for the girls with a dear, dear girlfriend I rarely see because she lives across the country from me; fun city neighborhood jaunts for our girls' field trips; the movies)... There is no such thing as a bad summer.

And, once again, we warrior on into autumn and another school year, my last with a child in elementary school. Life takes fortitude, for sure, and especially if you have one of these fragile hearts that not everyone seems to have.

I will be thinking of all of you, my fellow mamas, next Tuesday on our first day of school. I know some of you have already sent your kiddos back to school, but it's next Tuesday for us, so I'll still think of us all then, as if we're in it together. Because honestly, we are!