Monday, October 10, 2016

Football, Rain, and Other Diversions

So the day after the Labor Day holiday weekend, the girls and I went back to school and work. I didn't get any good first-day-of-school photos because it was raining like we needed an Ark and everything looked gloomy and full of shadow. We tried not to worry that the weather was an omen about the upcoming school year. Of course it wasn't! 

I do have a few other good autumn photos, however....

Just before school began, Genevieve played in a fun 3-on-3 charity basketball tournament. Doesn't she look cute? OK, I'm biased. Obviously.

We've been going to college and high school football games when our schedules allow. Which isn't often enough, in my opinion. I love going to football games.

We watched our river and downtown flood after torrential rains in September. Yikes.

We went to the annual Alpaca Farm Days Open House that we've been attending since the girls were preschoolers. Love.

And that's all I have time to say right now. Seventh and fifth grades this year. Year three of working full-time with autistic children at Genevieve's school for me. Ups and downs, ins and outs, leaves changing and falling. 

More when I have a chance. No telling when that might be. :)